How to Work with a Virtual Assistant – Lessons from Mary Baird-Wilcock at Be Sage Conference - The Admin Division
I’ve invited Gretchen Culver, owner of Rocket Science Events, to share insights into the lessons she learned from Mary Baird-Wilcock of The Simplifiers at Be Sage Conference. Gretchen is so smart and insanely creative. (She’s also really fun to be around and makes everyone feel awesome.) During our Be Sage Mastermind, people identified that Gretchen is a risk-taker in ways that most planners and designers are not… that’s her secret weapon! 
Thanks to Michelle’s great curation of content for the Be Sage Conference I know I will get a lot from every speaker. This year I was particularly excited to hear Mary of the Simplifiers speak on hiring a virtual assistant. As a small business owner it is so hard to stay on top of All The Tasks, and as I get older – frankly – I don’t have the desire to.

I have heard about people hiring virtual assistants but it sounded a little intimidating and overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. I also was fearful that delegating would result in inferior work.

Mary broke it down for us all!
First, she talked about what kind of tasks I should be focusing on as a business owner. These are high yield tasks like sales, client relations, and design. While this may seem obvious to some people, it was a bit of a light bulb moment for me. The more time I can focus on the tasks that bring in business or on tasks that cannot be outsourced, the better my business will be.
She also gave us several resources where to find quality virtual assistants and clearly outlined the relationship between me the small business owner and the virtual assistant (client/supplier not employer/employee). Her last part of the presentation provided some pro tips on how to work most effectively with a virtual assistant.

Throughout the presentation we had time to actually create a creative brief to get us thinking on how we all could benefit from a virtual assistant and what tasks we could give them. My notebook is full of small projects and ongoing jobs that I hate (hello data entry!) and I am going to start offloading on a virtual assistant as soon as I can.

Mary is such a fun presenter to listen to as well! She made what could’ve been a pretty dry topic very engaging and entertaining.

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